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點點科比花瓶 (預購)

點點科比花瓶 (預購)

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質感宅生活有一個很大的重點,就是能夠不費力地找到生活靈感 ; 是很舒服的、自由的、信手捻來的快樂。科比花瓶系列,就是這樣能讓你的質感生活隨心所欲 ; 不需要花藝技巧就可以擁有的居家活力美學。


Materials: Dolomite

Dot Kobe - 16 x 9cm / height 19cm
Yuanyuan Kobe - 15 x 9cm / height 14cm
Juanjuan Kobe - 20 x 9cm / height 15cm


The Kobe vase is by Mark Talbot and Youngjin Yoon’s brand Talbot & Yoon.

They integrate their architectural thinking into interesting objects designed for daily use, using material properties, change and reconfigurability to enable consumers to experience the pleasure of the product through design, physical and emotional involvement , they also believe that if it’s not fun then why bother? And look forward to the world of products you can take home and play with, changing as people's needs and desires grow.


Please wipe gently with a soft cloth and wash with mild soapy water. Remember not to use bleach.


The Kobe series vases are suitable for small bouquets and simple flower stems. You can try to put different bouquets according to your current feelings, and you can breathe in the daily companionship and the endless fun of life.


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