In our eyes, objects (points) can be connected to form spaces (lines), and then become life (surfaces) through experience

The design of HOMEBODY home guidance is to become the line that connects space and life.

Through guidance, you can organize your thoughts to transform your home space, making your home environment more relevant to your life.

Through guidance, you can find ways to make your space better and enhance your awareness of life.

Through guidance, you can clearly understand what kind of space you need, and then have a clearer understanding of how to talk to an interior designer.

Welcome to HOMEBODY Living Project

Here are various home thinking tools to make life more lovely than the day before.

About Service

  • Home style tips

    ✶ Home guidance Q&A (including 1-to-1 consultation)

    ✶ Ideal style analysis/style board provided

    ✶ Home style configuration (wall/floor/window)

    ✶ Furniture/items purchase list

  • life design

    ✶ Four Seasons Flower/Plant Formula

    ✶ Five senses life formula (bath, bedding, candles, tableware...usage suggestions)

    ✶ Cleaning recommendations

  • Interior designer recommendations

    If there is a need for interior design services, we will recommend designers based on style and enjoy cooperation discounts


Living Project is suitable for you

✴︎ Quickly change the atmosphere and texture of your home space in a simple way

✴︎ Looking forward to planning a new home through soft furnishings

✴︎ Are you planning to decorate your new home, but don’t know how to start looking for information and designers?